Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yesterday, I attended a Town Hall meeting at Cedar’s United Methodist Church. I heard the deeply concerning comments of many people living around Rt. 41 who are overwhelmed with interstate truck traffic, speeding trucks, loud jake brakes, and in some cases, structural damage to their homes from heavy trucks speeding by.

My opponent was also in attendance, along with representatives from DelDot. I must point out a disturbing fact about this meeting. My opponent, even when directly prompted to offer comment, said nothing about the problems that are clearly deeply affecting the lives of my neighbors in the 7th Senate District. She made zero comments during the entire meeting.

Delaware deserves better. I can assure you that if you elect me, you will gain a tireless advocate who will fight for solutions to your problems. I will not stand idly by while Delawareans plead for help. Please support me so that we can make Delaware first in more than name alone, including when it comes to enforcing our traffic laws and protecting the quality of life of all of our neighbors.

-Anthony Delcollo