I am truly dedicated to making Delaware first in job growth, school performance, and safe neighborhoods.

Together, we can make Delaware first in more than name alone.


→ Bringing Back Good, Well-Paying Jobs and Eliminating Barriers to Small Businesses: For the past decade, more and more jobs flee our state. The abandoned plant on Boxwood Road is a reminder of better times. We need to break down the barriers that are discouraging businesses from remaining in Delaware and growing. Manufacturing jobs can and should return to the First State.

Struggling with losing a job or difficulty in finding a job are experiences shared by most of us. We worry that even fewer jobs will be available for our children. The barriers to keeping, creating, and attracting businesses and jobs must be eliminated.

For example, Delaware’s energy policy results in high and uncompetitive energy costs. Delaware must elect leaders who will enact policies ensuring both lower energy costs and a healthy environment. Furthermore, Delaware’s regulations for building, development and business taxes burden job creators while giving minimal returns for the yearly state budget. These policies must be changed. Delaware will never have its fair share of jobs until this happens.

Controlling Spending: Our government is spending money without stopping to assess whether Delaware is getting quality results given the quantity of money being spent. We need to adjust our focus so that Delaware has the best roads, schools, and the safest neighborhoods. These key areas have a significant impact on attracting business to our state, and Delaware deserves leaders who will make sure that dollars spent in these key areas are being used to the best effect.

In order for Delaware to enjoy stability, political leaders must ensure that funds are spent wisely and effectively before passing new tax increases. For example, in 2015, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) taxes and fees were raised for all Delawareans. Attempts to require an evaluation of state spending were rejected. DMV taxes and fees hit the poor and middle class the hardest. Delaware deserves leaders who will demand that taxpayers’ dollars be spent the right way before unfairly forcing middle class and poor Delawareans to empty their wallets. Delaware deserves leaders who care about bringing jobs to our state.

I promise that if you give me the privilege of serving you, you will have an independent voice in the Senate that champions job growth, stability, and opportunity for all Delawareans.


Increasing School Choice and Empowering Parents and Teachers: There should only be two groups of people directly responsible for education: parents and their children’s teachers and principals. Parents should have good choices for where their children go to school. Teachers should be able to teach their classes to fit their students’ needs. Principals should be given the tools to encourage accountability and high standards in our schools.

Minimizing Bureaucracy: Government waste is even present in our educational system. Delaware spends about $14,000 on every public school student each year. This places Delaware in the top 10 among all states for per capita education spending. However, students don’t actually see the results of this spending in their classrooms. Delaware’s students perform in the bottom third nationally in standardized testing.

It’s time to eliminate numerous bureaucrats with huge salaries for duplicative administrative positions. It’s time to evaluate how money is spent on outside contracts for support services. It’s time to redirect spending from the highly paid bureaucrats at the Department of Education to students and teachers in the classroom. Students and teachers must receive the funds they need to be successful. Delaware deserves leaders who care about our children’s education and will fight for all of our students to have a fair chance at a solid education.

Decreasing Class Sizes: Large class sizes prevent teachers from doing their jobs effectively and prevent our students from receiving the attention they need to learn. Such a simple change can make a world of difference for our students’ education.

Education spending should be redirected to permit school districts to hire more teachers. At the same time, rather than hiring multiple highly paid bureaucrats, compensation for teachers on the front lines should be fairer. In this way, educational professionals will be given an increased incentive to stay in Delaware.

I promise that if you elect me to represent you in the Senate, you will have a leader who will fight every day for improvements in our schools for the benefit of our children, families, and teachers.


Reducing Crime: Our great state has become riddled with crime and violence. Murdertown, USA should not be used to describe anything in Delaware. Reports of violent crimes in areas of Elsmere and Newport are far too high. We should increase community policing to cut crime and make our streets safe again. Tried and true strategies for targeting quality of life crimes that eventually lead to violent crimes should be applied to all areas afflicted with high crime, so that all neighborhoods can enjoy safer streets.

We should also support programs to reduce repeat offenses by helping offenders obtain the skills they need to obtain employment. Laws that would offer offenders a chance to obtain employment should be supported, but not at the risk of unreasonably endangering employees, employers, and the public.

Preventing Crime: There is a link between increasing crime and a lack of job opportunities in our cities. By focusing on providing jobs with fair pay that don’t require a professional or advanced degree, individuals who might become repeat offenders would instead have the chance to work and rebuild their lives. Bringing jobs back to our towns and cities should be a top priority. Furthermore, Delaware’s leaders must ensure that our local and state police forces are properly funded and supported as they work to protect and serve our communities.

Protecting Civil Liberties and Upholding the Law: Our nation started on the foundation that we have certain rights that should not be hindered. People should be able to live their lives however they want to as long as they’re not hurting others. I have spent my career defending our rights, and will continue to in the legislature if you elect me.

Elected officials take an oath to uphold and defend the law. Delaware deserves leaders who make sure that they will be held to the same standards as all other Delawareans. Governmental agencies should not be permitted to ignore the rules when it is convenient for them to do so. Delaware’s F rating in transparency prevents Delawareans from holding government accountable. We must make information about what Delaware’s government does readily accessible and easy to understand.

I promise that if you send me to Dover, you will have a leader in the Senate who cares deeply about the safety of our communities and reducing violent crime and repeat offenses.

Do you have a concern that I did not address here? Please feel free to reach out to me: — (302) 275-0742

I want to hear your concerns, so we can make Delaware first again.